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The Price of Your Choices

15 Oct

price-tagYou can put what you wish into your body, but there will be a price, either good or bad. Consider the price. If you are willing to pay it, then partake. “It is not what goes into a man that defiles him.” If you’re NOT willing to pay the price, abstain.

Let’s start with two most people know; but keep reading, there are bound to be several things on this list you consume. Also note that the “prices” listed are not exhaustive.

CIGARETTES: Cancer, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis.

ALCOHOL: In more than minimal quantities — Cancer, liver damage, kidney failure, alcoholism.

MEAT, FISH, EGGS: If eaten in more than minimal quantities (not every day and certainly not every meal) — Cancer, cardiovascular disease, strokes, kidney stones, gall stones, Alzheimer’s, Chron’s, Type 2 Diabetes, arthritis.

DAIRY: Cancer, especially breast and prostate (especially low or non fat), ear and sinus infections, weight gain, and all the items listed in the previous item (milk is basically liquid meat).

OIL: Including olive oil — Weight gain, blood vessel damage, reduction in blood oxygen levels (also caused by meat and dairy).

RICE, BEANS, POTATOES: Weight loss (if overweight), increased energy, increased nutrient intake.

FRESH FRUITS: Weight loss (if overweight), increased intake of vitamins, increased hydration, higher level of natural energy, the normal effects of antioxidants including lower occurrence of colds, the flu, and other common ailments.

VEGETABLES: Weight loss (if overweight), improved blood flow, greater intake of vitamins and minerals, regular healthy bowel movements, overall greater health.

The last three items together also: reverse heart disease (including the early sign called “erectile dysfunction”), stop or reverse cancer, improve or cure arthritis, prevent Alzheimer’s, completely reverse Type 2 Diabetes (sometimes within a couple of days), heal Chron’s, improve M.S. and Lupis, and stop or reverse the majority of diseases those in developed countries who eat like Americans develop as a result of any of the first five items on this list.