Why Do Carbs Seem to Make People Gain Weight?

25 Aug

happy-pasta-catWhy do some people gain weight eating carbs? Is it because carbohydrates, such as pasta, corn, and potatoes, make you fat? Here’s the answer.

The body was designed to be very efficient. The easiest thing for it to do with fat is to store it as fat, while the easiest thing for it to do with carbohydrates is to burn them for energy.

When you eat fat (meat. dairy, and oil) without carbohydrates, your body doesn’t have the energy-producing carbs it needs, so it burns the fat instead. Sound good? Well, it’s not. The cholesterol does very naughty things to your body, and you’re likely to have serious immediate issues, such as constipation, fatigue, and headaches, as well as long-term issues such as cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance.

When you eat fat (meat, dairy, and oil) with carbohydrates, your body chooses the easiest thing to burn for energy — the carbs! And since burning the fat is much less efficient and not necessary, it stores it instead. Thus the weight gain.

When you eat carbohydrates (corn, rice, potatoes, or even heaps of whole grain pasta) without the fat (meat, dairy, or oil), your body burns the carbs for movement and internal processes, and, if you have extra calories from those carbs left over, your body burns them as heat (dietary thermogenesis, which, as a side effect, burns fat). It will also store up to two pounds total (not per day or per meal) as glycogen, which is energy for later. And since you’re not consuming added fats, the fat you’re wearing starts to melt away.

So there you have it. If you’re gaining weight on carbs, it’s not the carbs, it’s the fat you’re adding to them. Take away the rich foods and eat just the nutrition-packed starchy plants, and you can eat as much as you want, your food cravings will start to disappear (just like a drug addict who’s away from his or her drugs for awhile), and you’ll start to heal from excess body weight, diabetes (Type 2), arthritis, crohn’s disease, M.S., and many other diet-caused diseases we seem to think are just an unavoidable part of life.

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