Rice and Broccoli with Mashed Potatoes and Beans

15 Aug

004“Won’t you get fat eating all that starch?” Actually, I’m losing weight, feeling great, and getting loads of nutrition, everything my body needs to heal from years of unintentional dietary abuse.

Calories are not all created equal. Calories from fat are metabolized quite differently from the calories found in whole grains and starchy vegetables. In a diet like this, you’ll start to heal from Type 2 Diabetes (usually within a few days), arthritis, cardiovascular issues, and a host of other chronic diseases, all while eating as much as you want and being completely satisfied.

Rice: brown and black rice seasoned with curry powder, black pepper, hot sauce (optional), and a little soy sauce, with steamed broccoli mixed in.

Mashed Potatoes: red potatoes cubed and steamed for 15 minutes then mashed with black pepper, sea salt to taste, and hot sauce (optional — you might get the idea I like stuff hot!)

Mashed (“Refried”) Beans: pinto beans seasoned with chili powder, cumin, a little soy sauce, and a lot of hot sauce (I’m starting to see a pattern here), then mashed.

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