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Why Do Carbs Seem to Make People Gain Weight?

25 Aug

happy-pasta-catWhy do some people gain weight eating carbs? Is it because carbohydrates, such as pasta, corn, and potatoes, make you fat? Here’s the answer.

The body was designed to be very efficient. The easiest thing for it to do with fat is to store it as fat, while the easiest thing for it to do with carbohydrates is to burn them for energy.

When you eat fat (meat. dairy, and oil) without carbohydrates, your body doesn’t have the energy-producing carbs it needs, so it burns the fat instead. Sound good? Well, it’s not. The cholesterol does very naughty things to your body, and you’re likely to have serious immediate issues, such as constipation, fatigue, and headaches, as well as long-term issues such as cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance.

When you eat fat (meat, dairy, and oil) with carbohydrates, your body chooses the easiest thing to burn for energy — the carbs! And since burning the fat is much less efficient and not necessary, it stores it instead. Thus the weight gain.

When you eat carbohydrates (corn, rice, potatoes, or even heaps of whole grain pasta) without the fat (meat, dairy, or oil), your body burns the carbs for movement and internal processes, and, if you have extra calories from those carbs left over, your body burns them as heat (dietary thermogenesis, which, as a side effect, burns fat). It will also store up to two pounds total (not per day or per meal) as glycogen, which is energy for later. And since you’re not consuming added fats, the fat you’re wearing starts to melt away.

So there you have it. If you’re gaining weight on carbs, it’s not the carbs, it’s the fat you’re adding to them. Take away the rich foods and eat just the nutrition-packed starchy plants, and you can eat as much as you want, your food cravings will start to disappear (just like a drug addict who’s away from his or her drugs for awhile), and you’ll start to heal from excess body weight, diabetes (Type 2), arthritis, crohn’s disease, M.S., and many other diet-caused diseases we seem to think are just an unavoidable part of life.

Praying for Healing from Chronic Disease

17 Aug

drunk-and-smoking-babyA group of Christians are sitting around smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey.

“We really need to pray for Greg. He has Stage 4 lung cancer.”

“Yes. And don’t forget Amy. Her liver is almost gone.”

“Thank you,” says Greg as he lights up another.

“Yes, your prayers mean so much. Jesus still heals!” adds Amy as she opens up another bottle of Jim Beam.

This sounds silly of course, but it’s more relevant than you might think. Most of us have no idea what the food we eat is doing to us. Most of the diseases, and almost all of the chronic illnesses for which we pray, are caused by the rich American diet — cancer, diabetes (including Type 1 — did you consume cow dairy growing up?), arthritis, leukemia, osteoporosis, kidney stones, gall stones, tonsillitis, ear infections, appendicitis, coronary disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s — the list goes on and on — all of these are caused, the majority of the time, by the food we eat.

Does God heal self-inflicted disease? Yes, He often does. Especially when the people who are sick don’t know it’s the food they’re eating that’s killing them. But should we presume that if we choose to turn a blind eye to the truth about the food we eat, God will continue to heal the results? He might. But that just might be a foolish thing to assume.

Let’s take responsibility, just like we would give up drunkenness or cigarettes, and return to the simple, life-giving foods we were originally designed to eat. Leave the feasting on the rich foods from the kings’ tables for a rare celebration, or just leave them be like you’d forego an occasional drinking binge, and fill up on something good instead.

What should we eat?

Rice and Broccoli with Mashed Potatoes and Beans

15 Aug

004“Won’t you get fat eating all that starch?” Actually, I’m losing weight, feeling great, and getting loads of nutrition, everything my body needs to heal from years of unintentional dietary abuse.

Calories are not all created equal. Calories from fat are metabolized quite differently from the calories found in whole grains and starchy vegetables. In a diet like this, you’ll start to heal from Type 2 Diabetes (usually within a few days), arthritis, cardiovascular issues, and a host of other chronic diseases, all while eating as much as you want and being completely satisfied.

Rice: brown and black rice seasoned with curry powder, black pepper, hot sauce (optional), and a little soy sauce, with steamed broccoli mixed in.

Mashed Potatoes: red potatoes cubed and steamed for 15 minutes then mashed with black pepper, sea salt to taste, and hot sauce (optional — you might get the idea I like stuff hot!)

Mashed (“Refried”) Beans: pinto beans seasoned with chili powder, cumin, a little soy sauce, and a lot of hot sauce (I’m starting to see a pattern here), then mashed.

Macaroni with Tomato Sauce

15 Aug

020Everyone loves macaroni, but it’s fattening, isn’t it? I mean, you shouldn’t just have a huge container of it at a time (the photo shows four cups’ worth), should you?

If you add in the baby food designed by God for baby animals, then the answer is no, you shouldn’t have it very often (or maybe never at all), because it will contribute to your becoming or remaining sick and fat (or just sick if you have an unusually robust metabolism).

The version shown here, you could eat ’til the cows come home, and unless you’re eating fat (meat, dairy, or oil) in something else, you’ll end up trim, and most if not all of your chronic diseases will start to disappear.

  • 100% whole wheat macaroni (non-GMO)
  • Tomato sauce (contains no oil)
  • Garlic powder
  • Oregano
  • Black pepper
  • Chili powder
  • Hot sauce (if you like it spicy!)
  • Salt? I didn’t add any, because there’s more than enough in this particular tomato sauce

I know, where’s the veggies? Well, while I usually have vegetables with my meals, this one was a quickie, and, since it’s whole grains, it’s full of great nutrition. Delicious!

Too Expensive to Eat Healthy?

14 Aug

save_moneyCan’t afford to eat highly nutritious, all natural, healthful food? Guess what: Jen and I have been saving around $300/month just for the two of us by eating better food! And personally, I’ve lost 10 pounds so far, in just 4 weeks, and my blood sugar is more stable (I have Type 1 Diabetes) and my insulin usage has gone down significantly. We both feel better. And our future hospital bills have just taken a nose dive.

You don’t have to buy tons of organic vegetables and take fistfuls of supplements. This is what we’ve been eating:

  • Brown rice
  • 100% Whole wheat pasta
  • Tomato and spaghetti sauce with NO OIL in the ingredients
  • Red, white, and sweet potatoes
  • Onions
  • Various types of beans (variety is awesome)
  • Fresh fruits (such as cantaloupe and bananas)
  • Frozen vegetables (such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, green peas, various mixed veggies, squash and zucchini, and so-on)
  • Oatmeal
  • Sea salt (for a little bit of seasoning)
  • Various spices (such as oregano, garlic powder, chili powder, curry, etc)

We also get the following, which aren’t cheap, but we (especially my wife) sometimes like to have a bowl of cereal as part of our breakfast:

  • Almond milk (unsweetened)
  • Cereal (read the ingredients carefully! 100% whole grains, no oils, no preservatives, nothing you can’t pronounce or wouldn’t see growing in a field)

We eat as much as we want, and don’t have a calorie ceiling, but a calorie FLOOR (I make sure I never eat less than 2,000 per day, and I’ve eaten as much as 4,000) to make sure our bodies get what they need to burn fat and think and function and to avoid food cravings.

The Vitamin B-12 we take (since we consume no animal products) costs $16 for a 6-month supply.


If you CAN buy a few organic items, some are more important than others. If you can swing the few extra bucks (which you probably can once you stop spending all that money on meat, oil, dairy, and pre-packaged foods), try to get the following organic, since the non-organic versions of these items tend to contain high amounts of pesticides:

  • Apples
  • Bell Peppers
  • Blueberries
  • Celery
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Coffee (make sure you’re not adding real or artificial creamer! try almond milk instead)
  • Collard Greens
  • Cucumbers
  • Grapes
  • Hot Peppers
  • Kale
  • Lettuce
  • Nectarines (Imported)
  • Peaches
  • Potatoes (except sweet potatoes)
  • Spinach
  • Strawberries
  • Wine
  • Zucchini

Here are some that are considered “clean,” and if you need to limit the amount of organic food you purchase, here are some you can get non-organic without risk of excess pesticide and herbicide residue:

  • Asparagus
  • Avocado
  • Cabbage
  • Cantaloupe
  • Eggplant
  • Grapefruit
  • Kiwi
  • Mangos
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions
  • Papayas (make sure they’re not GMO!)
  • Pineapple
  • Sweet corn (make sure it’s not GMO!)
  • Sweet peas
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Watermelon

Final Notes

As much as possible, get all the ingredients and make your own food! And when you do buy something already put together, read the ingredients, and don’t buy anything with MSG, oil, casein, isolates, any form of meat or dairy (including fish and eggs), artificial flavors or colors, and any of the things you don’t recognize and can’t pronounce.

By eating this way, your cholesterol will drop, your blood pressure will normalize, your Type 2 Diabetes will resolve itself (sometimes in a matter of days, so beware of taking your medications and injecting insulin!), your cardiovascular issues (including E.D.) will start to heal, your excess weight will start to melt away, and you’ll take yourself off the list of Americans who will end up in the hospital, nursing home, or morgue because they eat the rich western diet.

Here’s to life and wonderful food!

Dining with Rulers

14 Aug

king“When you sit down to eat with a ruler, consider carefully what is before you; and put a knife to your throat if you are a man given to appetite.” (Proverbs 23:1-2 NKJV)

Most of what we eat and with which we fill our tables when we feed others is the food of the kings and queens throughout history — lots of meats and cheeses, and lots of rich, refined foods. It’s like going to someone’s house or… gathering, and discovering they’re serving beer or wine. Is that evil? According to Scriptures, no. But if you are “a man given to appetite” for too much alcohol, you should “put a knife to your throat” so to speak.

Many churches teach and preach that consumption of alcohol is evil, and that if you’re given to alcoholism, but you never drink, you’ll never become an alcoholic. While that reasoning has merit, what about the food of rulers that fills our cupboards and refrigerators, and dominates our social gatherings? Then we pray for our brothers and sisters who are fat and sick from eating and drinking every day and night from a ruler’s table. And if the truth be told, we all are raised to be “men (and women) of great appetite,” partially because we’re eating foods that make us fat and/or sick, while not meeting our nutritional needs.

“Do not be among heavy drinkers of wine, or among excessive eaters of meat” (Proverbs 23:20 KMV). That word translated “meat” is literally “(animal) flesh.” Drinking too much alcohol is listed side by side with eating too much meat. And “too much” and “excessive” are relative terms. It’s possible to drink too much water (although difficult to do), but is too much water the same quantity as too much wine?

Historically, the “non ruler” would eat meat from time to time, but not for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and meat was given by God for us to eat after the earth’s climate was drastically altered by the flood, and was given as food to replace the lack thereof. We don’t need it for nutrients (even many meat eaters are B-12 deficient, and B-12 supplements are very inexpensive and easy to obtain), and in the quantities we eat it today, it’s killing us.

Just some food for thought.

Mashed Potatoes with Gravy and Mixed Veggies

4 Aug

003This is a really fattening dish, right? All those potatoes (4 cups) covered with gravy? Well, if they were prepared with the ingredients most Americans use, the answer would be “yes.” But guess what…

Eating this way will make you LOSE EXCESS WEIGHT, heal from Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease, heal your complexion, constipation, and ulcers, will lower your risk of cancer and gall and kidney stones, and will give you a long, healthy life.

Mashed potatoes: red-skinned potatoes cubed and steamed for 15 minutes, then mashed after being seasoned with black pepper and sea salt.

Gravy (as shown — see below for a much better recipe): several chopped mushrooms, a little bit of almond milk (non-dairy) and water, seasoned with black pepper, cumin, and tamari sauce, blended in a blender on high until creamy.

Gravy (much better recipe): 2 cups water, tamari or soy sauce to taste, dash of black pepper, nutritional yeast flakes (options), onion powder, either 1/4 cup of whole wheat pastry flour or 2 tbsp of potato or non-GMO corn starch. The starch is easier to make, and can be slowly whisked into the water; the flour needs to be added to hot water very slowly while whisking. Continue to cook on medium heat while stirring. If using flour, cook for about 10 minutes until it no longer tastes underdone. If using starch, cook until the desired thickness is achieved.

Vegetables: from a frozen bag of peas, carrots, corn, baby lima beans, and green beans. Steamed for 8 minutes and seasoned with black pepper and sea salt to taste.

NOTE: Adding oil, meat, and/or dairy will cause this to be a fattening meal, and too much of those things, especially the meat and dairy, will completely negate all the benefits listed above. Without those things, you can eat as much of this type of whole, plant-based food as you want, and you’ll still get well and lean over time!